Investing in continuous education of employees is significant assumption of growth and development of company, and careful long term planning and selection of quality education programs are of particular importance.

A systematic approach to planned education, through individually developed training programs, enables maximum valorization of acquired knowledge and skills through everyday work.

Our mission is to improve the level of applicable knowledge of every participant, through carefully designed trainings, adjusted to the specific requirements of each single organization.



finnok-100 trainings are adjusted to specific needs and requirements of each individual client, which contributes to maximization of benefits, through the targeted acquisition and improvement of the necessary knowledge and skills.

Trainings are designed to provide maximum practical applicability, through numerous examples and lecturer’s interactive communication with all participants, and simulation of real business situations and problems, with a comprehensive approach to their resolution.



Our main focus is education in the financial sector, as well as in specific areas corporate business – strategic, financial, sales, marketing and organizational aspects, transfer of intellectual capital, etc.

finnok-100 provides professional education services in the following areas:


green-bulet Creating and presenting credit terms depending on types of clients
green-bulet Credit analysis for corporate clients – basic and advanced level
green-bulet Credit analysis for micro companies and entrepreneurs – basic and advanced level
green-bulet Credit Analysis for Retail – (Individuals)
green-bulet Credit analysis for farmers – basic and advanced level
green-bulet Corporate and risk approach in credit analysis – with the simulation of a credit committee
green-bulet Business projections, with particular emphasis on cash flow projection
green-bulet Evaluation of investment projects
green-bulet Restructuring and UPPRs
green-bulet Manage the Work Out Portfolio
green-bulet Organization and working principles of Work Out departments, as separate organizational units
green-bulet Sales training for front office (account managers)
green-bulet Bank branch network management
green-bulet Improving the efficiency of the bank’s network
green-bulet Internal audit in banking
green-bulet Bank from the corner of the client, client from the corner of the bank
green-bulet Compliance of business and financial model of business
green-bulet Finanace for non finance
green-bulet Early collection of personal loans
green-bulet Improving the efficiency of sales of banking products in the SME segment

 Microcredit Foundations and Societies

green-bulet Credit analysis for individuals
green-bulet Credit analysis for farmers
green-bulet Credit analysis for entrepreneurs
green-bulet Credit analysis for micro companies

 Leasing society

green-bulet Credit analysis
green-bulet Sales improvement

 Corporate societies

green-bulet Financial management
green-bulet Risk and controlling
green-bulet Reporting
green-bulet The role of a good accountant in improving access to funding sources
green-bulet Improving organization and management of companies (dual approach from the aspect of sales, collection, marketing, finance, etc.)
green-bulet Organization and management of the company’s restructuring process
green-bulet Tax legislation
green-bulet Improving Purchasing and Sales – managing the supplier and buyer portfolio
green-bulet Development and management of sales network
green-bulet Transfer of intellectual capital and other