Samir Krak

Samir Krak has over 15 years of working experience as  Head of Accounting and a Financial Director in companies (from 1999-2005 at Narcis-Popovici as Head of Accounting and Financial Director; from 2005-2011 at Victoria Group as CFO, since 2012 at Elixir Group as the Vice-President of the business system).

The main areas of work during his career are finance and accounting (complete organization, management and supervision of financial services and accounting in business systems that have over 10 related legal entities, cooperation with commercial banks, organization and implementation of external audit). Through operational work in companies, in addition to knowledge in finance and accounting, he gained experience and knowledge in the field of law, especially in the field of economic and labor law.

He participated several times, independently or as part of a team in tax optimization processes at the level of individual companies and at a consolidated level. In the course of working engagement in Victoria group, he was engaged as a finance and accounting team leader in the process of implementing corporate governance, together with external consultants from the consulting audit firm PWC.

He has been involved in the implementation of various ERP information systems (BAAN, SAP, UPIS etc.). He participated in the optimization and creation of business processes – budgeting (individual and consolidated), creation of cost model and cost monitoring system (closing books, income recognition, scoring customers etc.).
In the last couple of years he has been engaged in planning and implementing construction projects (preparation of business studies on project profitability, process for obtaining necessary permits, supervision over project implementation, financing of projects by commercial banks, etc.).