Vuk Valjarević is a graduated Banking and Finance manager. He has over 15 years of working experience in the position of a Financial Director in domestic and multinational companies (from 2004-2007 Doncafe, 2007-2009 and 2012-2015 Danube Foods doo and 2009-2012 position CFO in Knjaz Milos).

His main areas of expertise are financial management, analysis and reporting, primarily consolidated reports, company valuation, preparation, and implementation of due diligence analysis to reorganize the ownership structure of companies and possible sale of shares.

Introduction of new information systems, monitoring, planning and implementation are also part of his multi-year expertise, as well as the design of reporting and control methods in complex company structures, both for internal and external needs.

Daily engagement in solving strategic issues with operational implementation and control of proposed solutions followed his successful career, and during the financial crisis on the market, the emphasis was certainly on the planning and implementation of cost saving methods, in order to increase the efficiency of the business systems in which he was engaged.

In Doncafe, he worked in the framework of ERP implementation projects, reporting and control systems for the needs of the company’s owners, as well as within the company bakery AS, in the reorganization of the existing business system.

For Salford, he prepared and implemented the complete reorganization of the Knjaz Milos system, worked on merging companies within the system, assessing the value of the company, and managing the entire process of preparing and selling the company.