On 10th of June, training was held on the topic “Improving the efficiency of sales of banking products in the segment of small and medium enterprises”.

On 10th of June, there was another one in a series of successful and highly visited trainings organized by FINNOK Education on the topic “Improving the Efficiency of Selling Banking Products in segment of the Small and Medium Enterprises”.

Interactivity to a maximum, completely pleasant atmosphere and extremely good working discipline were the main characteristics of the training.

Most of the training was actually a workshop, in which participants exchanged their practical experiences and enriched their knowledge with the experiences and knowledge the lecturer possesses.

Benefits for the participants in this training are: education about the basic elements and stages of the sales process, the analysis of the most common mistakes of the sellers of banking products and advices on how to avoid them, the participants were able to learn about the sales process through all its stages and get acquainted with the specifics and the most important elements of each of them, along with practical examples and tasks.

Special attention was paid to improving sales skills in direct contact with clients at the meeting as the most important stage in any sales process.

As the pictures speak more than words, you can see for yourself in the photos that follow.

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