Finnok team’s working weekend

The previous weekend was truly working weekend for FINNOK team, we started training in Agrobiznis in Belgrade on Thursday, which is always popular, taking into account our market on the one hand, and on the other hand a shortage of training in the given field, with the emphasis on practical analysis. The proficiency of the lecturer was confirmed by the fact that the participants did not part until the late afternoon the following day, although the working day was over and the weekend already started, they had more questions, trying to absorb every word and every practical experience the trainer unselfishly shared with them.

Work was continued in Banja Luka, with training in the field of credit analysis on the topic “Business vs risk with a focus on credit analysis and credit risk assessment”. The hall was filled to the last place, and the group was fantastic. Practical examples, analysis with suggestions are what made this training and Zeljko as a lecturer truly great. Participants were able to see and feel how to be “on the other side” and thus expand their aspects, enrich their knowledge and tomorrow to use this experience in practice to modify the established rules of behavior and decision-making models in their work, and certainly with the goal to increase productivity, which is everyone’s common interest.

Part of the training’s’ atmosphere can be seen below in the following photos:


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