Last week, two related two-day trainings were organized by FINNOK Education

Last week two two-day training events organized by FINNOK Education were held on the following topics:

  • Advanced credit analysis and assessment of the credit risk of legal entities by type of activity 18-19.04.2017.
  • Business vs Risk 20-21.04.2017.

The practical experience as well as the high level of proficiency of the lecturer enabled all participants to deepen their knowledge of the matter, to acquire new knowledge and to exchange practical experiences with other participants.

The main objective of the seminar is to enable participants to better understand the complex and comprehensive credit risk assessment process, based on the assessment of qualitative and quantitative parameters, through a number of carefully selected cases of enterprises operating in different industries. The importance of knowledge of industrial benchmarks will be emphasized, with the aim of adequately assessing creditworthiness.

Through practical examples, which were included in the first training, conditions were created for understanding the industrial parameters as a characteristic of the business and financial conditions of the companies that perform various activities. The basic idea was that the lecturer, through numerous practical examples related to companies from different activities, gives the participants the possibility of maximum practical applicability in everyday work.

As for the second training, participants were given a deeper understanding of the business and risk aspects of the credit analysis and decision-making process and have been given the opportunity to practice their existing knowledge on the basis of numerous practical examples from both business and risk spheres of business. Practical part of the training is extremely “popular” among the participants because it also predicts a credit committee simulation, with presentation of business and risk attitudes, where the sides of both parties face opinions and facts in support of their defense.

You can see the working atmosphere that took place in both trainings in the photos below.

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